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Hula Hoop Earrings



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  • These earrings are part of HULA HOOP collection are made in Nylon with 3D print and have the pin in silver 925, at the back, going to completely mask when worn. The irregular circular shape is transformed into an intersection of lines, in a game of full and empty spaces, connected one to the other.

    HULA HOOP” is a collection of jewelry, from the lively and witty mood, is a bit ‘as if we looked at us, children, to play from the high. The inspiration comes from the game movement more vintage ever, the HULA HOOP, found all around the world, throughout history. This game brings us, inevitably, to the memory of our childhood moments, it is like a “crazy dance” that draws in a series of concentric circles, a mess of static and dynamic forms. Simple, fun, engaging and … “never let the circle drop”. The jewels collection are made in nylon (Strong & Flexible Plastic) with the innovative 3D printing technique.

    This jewel is made, mainly in NYLON (Strong & Flexible Plastic) which gives it a considerable strength and flexibility, nonetheless, subjected to strong pressure, will suffer permanent damage. Furthermore, it appears to be resistant to heat at 80 ℃ / 176 ℉ degrees and higher temperatures can significantly change the material properties.

    RARO guarantees the authenticity of this jewel, 100% Italian Design. This jewel, being finished through a manual process, may have slight variations in color and shape compared to other products.

    Only on request you can order the following colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple.

  • Color

    Red, White, Black




    35 x 38 x 16 mm